Hey there! So, you are interested in the challenge but wonder why it is so great and why Rocket Fitness waited over four years in Fernvale before starting one? For many years we were apprehensive [...]

Daniel’s return to the ring as a professional boxer…

3 Nov 2018 - and the winner is... DANIEL CRAWFORD. Here is a sneak peak of Daniel's fight, we'll keep you posted on the next time he's in the ring. https://player.vimeo.com/video/300247805

Losing weight for my fight (by Daniel)

My return back to the boxing ring has meant I’ve needed to drop weight to get into a certain weight division/category. I’ve been getting asked a lot how I’ve been losing weight. I think some [...]

Project 465 = Complete!

By running 465km in one month, the Wounded Pelicans aimed to raise awareness for wheelchair bound youth – to bring the struggles that not only these children, but their families, go through to the front [...]

Are you waiting to ‘get fitter’ before you become a member at Rocket Fitness?

We too often hear comments like ‘I’m not fit enough to come yet’ and ‘I’ll join next week/month/year’ – it’s crazy talk and pure old fashioned procrastination. It doesn’t even have to be with Rocket Fitness, [...]

I’ve got kids, it’s too hard to join a gym.

Don’t use your kids as an excuse to stay unfit! Be a good example for them and let them see you taking pride in your health and living a fit and active lifestyle. Your little [...]

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