Who do we want in our gym?

Body shapes and fitness levels don’t matter to us but effort and attitudes do. The things that matter are how you apply yourself to a task, your willingness to learn and be coachable, to take [...]

Negative thoughts

If negative thoughts have so much power, imagine what positive ones could do. In the world of health and fitness there are so many things to work on and your mindset is not an exception. [...]

Confirmation Bias

Do you see things with a confirmation bias? Picking only the parts of information you like or slightly twisting the story to suit your beliefs? In the example above, no where was it stated that [...]

Good and bad foods

If your goal is fat loss, you don’t have to make any foods completely off limits. .. .. The mindset of all or nothing rarely works long term. To have nothing requires tremendous amounts of [...]

Do you count calories?

If you choose not to track calories what are your options? Make sure you choose the most nutritious foods you can. Fill your dinner plate with vegetables, eat salads, eat fruits, drink water etc, you [...]

Get your reps in…Mindset

To improve your strength it takes repetition. But if a new habit or change in mindset doesn’t happen straight away often people give up! To create a new habit you also need to get your [...]

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