Weight loss vs health

To lose weight/body fat the only possible way is to expend more calories than you consume (calorie deficit). Although its possible to lose body fat only eating cheeseburgers (if you keep in a calorie deficit) [...]

Do not squat with a pad on your back

‘But the bar hurts my shoulders and neck’. If this is the case you’re positioning the bar in the wrong spot or you’re not ready for back squatting. When you grip the bar squeeze your [...]

The basics

There seems to be wayyyyy too much effort going into finding a hack, a trick or work around and not enough on the basics. Be consistent. Be consistent. Work hard. Be consistent. Get results. If [...]

You do not need a detox or reset

The human body is amazing. It is so complex but somehow it has found a way to make things simple for us. Feed it fruits and vegetables with some meats on the side. Drink water, [...]

Don’t be extreme

Gyms are full of extremes... On one end of the spectrum you’ll see people barley putting in enough effort to justify putting on their training shoes. On the other you’ll have people lifting weights way [...]

How to goal set

Do you goal set? Here’s some tips when goal setting. * Have levels to your goals. Long term, medium and short term. In most cases your medium and short term goals should be bite size [...]

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