Can I get a magic pill?

There is no magic in any diet when it comes to fat loss. The principal is the same, create a calorie deficit and you will lose fat. Choosing your method on how to create that [...]

Stop blaming your metabolism

Whether losing fat or gaining muscle, your focus should not be on your metabolism. It doesn’t break or stop or need restarting and your lack of results aren’t your metabolism’s fault. Your choices determine your [...]

Mindset before calories

You may want to lose weight. But wanting to and being willing too are very different things. Before you even worry about calories and exercise programs you need to determine your mindset around your weight [...]

Why you train ab’s…

Six packs come from low body fat percentages not from sit ups and planks. By all means train your abs but do it with the purpose of getting stronger. Strong abs support your spine, help [...]

Fitness myths and popular sayings

I cover a few bullet points and topics to help clear up some myths or sayings in the fitness industry.

Scales aren’t all bad

Are scales good, bad, useless?  Depends how you use them...

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