Don’t get fooled by fad diets

Understand how fat loss occurs.  Understand why a fad diets will gain traction.  Gain the knowledge and be able to question the diet scammers and their claims!

Why you are struggling to lose weight

My opinion on why so many people struggle to lose weight


Are your expectations of a fit and healthy person realistic? 


Hey there! So, you are interested in the challenge but wonder why it is so great and why Rocket Fitness waited over four years in Fernvale before starting one? For many years we were apprehensive [...]

Daniel’s return to the ring as a professional boxer…

3 Nov 2018 - and the winner is... DANIEL CRAWFORD. Here is a sneak peak of Daniel's fight, we'll keep you posted on the next time he's in the ring. https://player.vimeo.com/video/300247805

Losing weight for my fight (by Daniel)

My return back to the boxing ring has meant I’ve needed to drop weight to get into a certain weight division/category. I’ve been getting asked a lot how I’ve been losing weight. I think some [...]

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