“Rocket Fitness has changed my life. These guys are truly amazing!”

I honestly can not say enough good things about the team at Rocket Fitness. I’m someone that’s gone from despising exercise to someone who loves their gym and I now plan my week around going. The trainers and the members are motivational, inspiring and encouraging. Thanks to Rocket my health has improved out of sight and I’m well on my way to achieving my weight loss goals!

Lenna Gaske

“The trainers are always willing to help and accommodate your needs.”

I joined rocket after having my son and the support and encouragement from the Rocket Fitness team has been fantastic even on the days I had no motivation. The other members are great and help boost the mood too. Both my kids love going into the Pocket Rocket Pit with Jody and the other kids, they all have a ball. Doesn’t matter how unfit or fit you are or if you have old or new injuries they are always willing to help and accommodate all fitness levels. I highly recommend Rocket Fitness! Massive thumbs up to an awesome place to work out with friends.

Liz Walker

“The best part of my day!!”

Showing up to the gym everyday is not a chore for me. It is legitimately the best part of my day and I look forward to it! Rocket Fitness has taught me to love exercise through education and encouragement! I’m always trying to achieve more and be the best me. I have confidence in myself now that I have never had in my life and I genuinely owe that to Rocket Fitness! Thank you!

Charlene Applegate

“The right balance between torture and fun!”

Daniel is well organised and passionate about high performance training.

Sessions involve many different activities and there are often targets and records kept for various routines. As such, I’ve found it easy to get motivated for sessions and always burn more calories in sessions with Daniel than I could either alone or with friends. His boxing experience and technique are excellent and learning good technique while getting fitter is great value.

Marcus Solouk

“I love that no two sessions are the same”

Rocket is an fantastic gym that welcomes all members into the Rocket family. I love that no two sessions are the same and the trainers provide exciting and challenging classes every time. We receive great motivation and encouragement to reach our fitness goals. The kids also love the Pocket Rocket Pit which provides excellent care for the little ones.

Kirsten Stevens

“Training with Daniel isn’t a chore, it’s something to look forward to.”

There’s always a good sense of anticipation and achievement with every PT session. Daniel’s well of enthusiasm, routines, exercises and technical boxing skill seems bottomless. I wish I’d started working out with him years ago, and do thoroughly recommend his services to anyone who wants to get the most out of themselves and out of life.

Veny Armarnos


“I love going to Rocket. My favourite thing is the friendships I’ve made. Everyone is down to earth and non-judgemental. Everyone has a good laugh.”
– Neil Clark

“I love the encouragement, support and friendliness of other members and the amazing skills and encouragement of Jody and Daniel. I love the non-competitiveness of the sessions where you are only trying to do better than you did last time and striving to improve yourself. ”
– Ruth Jorgensen

“Best gym ever! Going to a gym has always been apart of my lifestyle & you guys have got it spot on. Every session is different and challenging, it’s always a great friendly atmosphere. I always look forward to my workouts at Rocket  Thanks guys!
– Karen Wade

“I love all the sessions and the variety. I love the friendly and welcoming atmosphere and have never enjoyed going to a gym as much as I do now. I come for the exercise and the socialising. I have made so many great friends and it makes my day to go to Rocket.”
– Emma Burstall

allisa“Rocket Fitness has been great for me. The team have made my girls and I feel like a part of the Rocket family. Highly recommend for others to come give it a go.”
– Allisa Govier

casey“Can not praise these guys enough for all they do. I love the classes they are very motivating and fun to be apart of. They also give support for nutrition to help keep you on track. ”
– Casey Bess


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